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Take an RCIC’s Expert support

As ICCRC registered consultants in Kuwait, they have in-depth knowledge of all visa programs which they can leverage to your advantage.

Realise your Canadian Dream

Our Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait guarantee diligent and professional services to assist in putting forward a complete and persuasive application; your success is our highest priority.

Achieve your PR goals

Our immigration consultants are dedicated to answering any questions you may have and providing fast and professional assistance regarding your Canadian immigration needs.

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Become a Canadian Permanent Resident!

If you are certain that you understand every aspect of Canada Immigration Kuwait, you can submit your application yourself. However, making even what may seem as a minor error on an application could result in delays in the processing of your application or even a refusal.

Simplify the Application Process

We handle the entire Permanent Residency Visa assistance, leaving you stress free with enough time to comfortably plan your new life in Canada.

Strategic Vision

Having strong legal background and expertise with both Canadian and Indian law, the RCICs will look at each application first hand for every client.

Save Time and Money

Our Canada Immigration consultants in Kuwait will ensure that you apply for the correct Canadian visa program while meeting the requirements and deadlines.

Ensure Applications Are Submitted Correctly

We liaise with the Canadian government on your behalf, ensuring your Canada Immigration Kuwait visa application is error free and meets all the requirements.
Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Express Entry? Experience A Smooth Journey through our Canada Immigration consultants in Kuwait

This guide by our Canada Immigration consultants in Kuwait is aimed to give you a complete Permanent Residency Visa assistance.

Assessing your eligibility

We fine-comb 70 different Canadian Visa options to find the one best suited for you.

Fulfilment of all the Paperwork

We verify all of your documents and make sure it is up to Canadian standards.

RCIC expert optimizes your application

One of our regulated Canada Immigration consultants in Kuwait applies for your visa.

ITA stage

Our Canada visa agents in Kuwait will notify you of your application success so that you can pack your bags for Canada.

Fast track your Canadian Immigration journey through Novus!

Even the slightest error in your visa application process will result in its disqualification and you will have to start your application from scratch and pay the relevant fee once more. Working with an RCIC means that there are no mistakes, everything is complete and all the deadlines are met.

Avoid Ineligibility

Express entry profiles found ineligible in any of the federal immigration programs due to incorrect assessment.

Avoid Incorrect Submissions

Had not claimed any additional CRS points. Eligible candidate left a lot of unclaimed points on the table.
Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Identify Immigration Fraud

Almost 98% of the Canada immigration agents in Kuwait are not registered with ICCRC. Applications in such firms are not handled by Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait. It is illegal as per the Canadian laws to register through such consultants. One has no option to complain if defrauded, or left with incomplete applications with no accountability.

Avoid Visa rejections due to incorrect documentation

1000’s of immigrants rejected due to incomplete data and documentation.
100’s of applicants rejected due to misinformation and health requirements.
Avoid hassles of compiling over 10 different documents and forms

The Right Immigration Pathway - FAQ

Novus Immigration Services are one of the most reputed Canada immigration consultancies with registered lawyers who are also the most sought after in all Canadian Immigration matters for Canada Immigration from Kuwait.

Apart from our Directors who are RCIC’s themselves, we also have strong legal team trained by the RCICs. Having about a decade’s experience in all immigration aspects we would be one of the most competitive having expertise with a physical office in Canada, hence undoubtedly the best Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait.

Immigration is a field where consultants charge according to their experience and skills in the field of Immigration. You would observe Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait who charge you a very nominal fee and on the other hand you would also find experienced professionals charge a higher fee. Hence, it is advisable to understand the intent and logical reasoning as to why different Canada PR visa consultants in Kuwait charge differently. Call or meet the consultant, you could probably judge during the very first meeting as to how competent one is in their field of expertise.

  • Does the RCIC sign the Representative Form IMM5476e during submission
  • Do you have a physical office in Canada?
  • Is there an official Canadian Retainer Agreement signed by the RCIC and Client?
  • Can I personally talk to the RCIC 1-1 if need be?

This is one question that lingers mostly in those who are under 30/35 and are planning to explore better opportunities in terms of employment, studies and standard of living.

Now there might be many so called” best consultancy in Kuwait for Canada “who suggest you to approach the study permit pathway stating that it is the only way to transition into a Permanent resident in Canada. The reality is you do not need to spend 20 odd lac INR to study in Canada for the same. We chalk out courses for existing clients as to which course can be done visa distance education and from specific universities which would give you a near equivalent of a full time 2 years of master’s degree.

Many a time people fall a prey to some fantasies without knowing the truth registered lawyers take control of all the legal aspects as we are also licensed recruiters in Canada. The best possible route at the moment growing at a rapid pace would be by obtaining a Permanent Residency through the Express Entry as Skilled Workers can now Migrate to Canada on a PR Visa. As scope in this program is tremendous as many individuals are obtaining their PR cards.

The beauty of this program is that once received the Status of a Canadian PR holder, he/she also enjoys the privileges of studying or working in Canada at ease. Now there may be immigration agents who are capable of claiming that they are top Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait but only the most Skilled Canada immigration agents in Kuwait who have the experience and been in the business for a long period of time will know exactly how to execute the actions. There is a huge demand for Canadian PR so now this is the time to change your mind, fix your focus to achieve the PR and make the right decision, the right decision with Novus, for your Canada PR process in Kuwait.

Novus is known to be the best consultancy for Canada PR in Kuwait as we have been professionals in this field for about 15 years.

Express Entry is an online selection system used by the Canadian government for Canada immigration. It’s completely an electronic process used to manage applications that is designed specifically for selecting skilled and qualified candidates for Canada immigration. Any Canada PR consultants in Kuwait will try and convince you that they know the process but we can assure you that they won’t even be aware of half the knowledge we possess in regard to this matter.

PNP: The provinces and territories in Canada have an agreement with the Canada government that enables them to nominate immigrants (individuals and their families) based on its immigration needs and the applicant’s intent to settle in that province. 75% of the Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait won’t be aware of the various provinces and programs that exist and are active. Novus on the other hand have a physical office in Canada and get live updates from there.

You can always Google and search for Immigration Consultants for Canada in Kuwait and definitely choose one, but you will never know if you approached the right one, with all the expertise. Therefore, check those who have not only been in the business for a long time but also have the results and this Canada immigration consultant in Kuwait will be Novus.

Some of the pain-points that people in Gulf go through are as follows:

Due to a rise in Demand for Canadian Immigration, there are several immigration agents that have popped up, so the pain-point they face in this situation is choosing the right immigration agent who is trustworthy and capable of handling the process with RCIC expertise.

Due to the existence of several immigration agencies, many of the clients are being fed with wrong information and guided on a wrong path.

They also face problems of being charged for almost anything and everything be it even a basic consultation or evaluation of CRS scores.

We have many clients who come up to us after having bad experiences with other agencies either because they are misinformed, the applications have been mishandled, non-submissions, no technical evaluation of the right NOC, etc.

The main pain-point would be due to the interests shown by the clients some unauthorized immigration agents will take advantage of this situation and make false promises knowing for a fact that the clients are willing to pay-up.

Novus Immigration Services who help and provide you with all the legal proof you need for your journey to through Canada immigration Kuwait so that we can build up a good relationship and get you to Canada!

Novus is a well-established organization located in Vancouver, British Columbia for about 8 to 10 years and provides Immigration Services to individuals all around the globe to migrate to Canada and start off their new lives!

Due to the amount of inquiries and interests for Canadian immigration in the East-side of the globe and umpteen individuals reaching out to us directly to our Canadian Office, we decided to open up branches in India, in Bangalore. We are proud to state that we have clientele all over the globe, including Australia, NZ, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, USA and throughout India successfully applying through us.

Many people assume that only when they meet the immigration consultants in person can they start off their process for Canada immigration Kuwait, but owing to the advancement in technology everything is capable of being done online and we can stay connected and be successful on the path via calls or mails, the Canadian applications are also online and are submitted by the RCIC in Canada. Novus is highly accessible and capable, with clients all over the globe and recognized as top Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait and the best Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait.

There are several reasons to apply for Canada PR and moreover it depends on the trust and confidence you have while choosing Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait but some of the most Important reasons that you need to keep in mind are:

Due to the current scenario of COVID-19, people are assuming that things have been a bit slow lately, but in fact there have been no restrictions on this, this period has in fact opened up the eyes of many people in too, to put forth their applications and migrate to Canada. This is also the perfect time as Skilled Workers can now Migrate to Canada on a PR Visa. Immigration is the top sought after economic recovery mode for Canada which explains the number of immigrants levels going up in the next few years as well. We at Novus too haven’t been silent nor kept things on hold, all our staff members are working from home and Our Canadian office is up and working as well. Therefore, effective service is being provided and people’s dreams and goals are continuing to be fulfilled as we ensure the fastest gateway to Canada is found!

Our directors, RCICs started practicing immigration much before the Express entry even came into being. They are also lawyers who have practiced law in India before. With years of experience in their kitty especially catering mostly to Indian and global clientele, their proficiency in the Indian legal framework also adds to the efficiency in their application processes. Immigration consultants for Canada in Kuwait are many in the market, however choosing the top Canada immigration consultants in Kuwait is of utmost importance. One must choose the RCIC’s with adequate experience in all domains of immigration and are present in Canada. Most Canadian Immigration consultants who offer Canada immigration from Kuwait only specialize in a particular department for example study permits.

It is true that expertise is enriched only with experience. At Novus, the senior RCIC’s recruit new RCIC’s and provide them training in different domains. Hence, we are probably the oldest and experienced Immigration Consultant for Canada in Kuwait who will ensure that you immigrate to Canada from Kuwait smooth and hassle-free.

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